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Working boundaries, where consent is granted
and not demanded.

Who Is An Intimacy Coordinator?

An intimacy coordinator choreographs intimate scenes, advocates for actors, and acts as a liaison between the actors and the production for scenes that involve nudity/hyper exposed work, simulated sex acts, and intimate physical contact.


In the world we live in today, the safety of the people we work with is paramount. By hiring an Intimacy Coordinator, the production ensures that a secure environment is set up for its actors. Intimacy professionals are trained and skilled to efficiently liaise between the production and the actor to achieve the vision of the designed scene, while also making sure that the performer's comfort and safety is not compromised. They are experts on topics related to intimate material, including - but not limited to - sexuality, gender, relationships, and sex work. 

What Are Scenes Of Intimacy?

Scenes of intimacy are scenes that involve intimate interactions, whether with oneself or with others, including or excluding nudity. They include, but are not limited to, scenes involving nudity, simulated sex, kissing, touching, physical examinations, groping over clothing, dry humping, flirtation, simulated sexual harassment/violence, or any other form of intimate contact. Hyper sexualised shots of body parts, “Item Numbers”, the portrayal of hyper sexualised characters, intimacy between minors, or characters that play family members or friends, should also be considered to be scenes of intimacy when relevant. 


About Me

Akshay (he/him) has two diplomas in acting - New York Film Academy & Barry John’s Acting Studio, professionally trained in dance, and is one of the founding teachers of the Indian Contact Improvisation community. Being in the industry for over fourteen years now, Akshay has been fascinated by movement and cinema, has worked on commercials, short films and web-series, with leading directors and actors from the Indian Film industry.

A yearning to dive deeper into the subjects of intimacy and consent brought him to train under Intimacy Professional Association & The Intimacy Lab (IPA x TIL), and become South Asia’s first male certified intimacy coordinator. With his background in contact movement, he aims to use the fundamentals of intimacy in working boundaries with actors, while delivering the director’s vision. He hopes to share his knowledge to enhance scene chemistry and uphold safety, with all content involving intimacy, sex and nudity, in the Indian as well as International Film & Television Industry.



Collaboration & Coordination

Providing a hassle-free experience between the actors and the production. Ensuring their comfort and safety while also executing the creative vision of the director. Adhering to Intimacy Coordination Protocols, and tactfully dealing with conflict and negotiations.



Shooting intimate scenes demands uncharted vulnerability and relies on prep work to make it look as effortless. Conducting workshops before filming to help actors break the ice and get them comfortable with physical intimacy, while working in a safe space.



Informing actors about their rights and responsibilities as performers, cover guidelines on consent, boundaries, closed set protocols, nudity riders and sexual harassment laws with the cast & crew. They help build gender literacy and diversity, and one’s awareness in the untapped intimacy workspace.

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